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Your Ultimate Pre-Vacation Home Security Check List

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Taking an annual vacation is practically an Australian family tradition. It’s a great way to relax and spend time with the family. However, make sure you understand one important fact: burglars don’t take vacations.

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So are you planning to have a break and go to a vacation with your family? You probably have found a friend to water your plants and take care of your dog, and are ready to head out on vacation with the family; but what about your home itself?  Have you already prepared the security measures needed to protect your home against intruders while you are away having fun times with your family?

To make sure that everything stays just as safe as you left your home before heading off on vacation, there are many home security measures you need to do.

If your home is showing signs that nobody is in it, good burglars can bypass simple security measures. They usually look for a few things like an easy entry, quick exit and sign that nobody is at home. This is the reason why it is extremely important to make precautionary measures when you are away and add some security devices to deter burglars away.

Become security conscious is essential. You need to add installed solid core exterior doors, installed double pane windows, trimmed bushes and trees, installed high quality locks and dead bolts, and installed a good alarm system.

Find out more about protecting your home while on vacation by reading this good article posted at

Digital Door Locks

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Thanks to the advancement in technology, the evolution of locks and security have been improved over the years. As time goes by, criminals and burglars constantly think of new ways to break into homes and buildings. Therefore, you need to keep yourself abreast with the latest technology in home security if you want to ensure that your premise is free from theft and burglary.

Digital door locks are one of the latest introductions to the security industry. Instead of using traditional locks, people are using digital locks for better, more sophisticated security.

For more on digital door locks, check out the video below:

Monitor Your Home With This Tiny Tag

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In the previous years, the telephone land-line has been the standard way of sending signals from your home monitoring system to your security company. But in the present time, this has become an obsolete option because sadly, burglars know this security monitoring can be evaded by simple cutting the telephone wire. With your telephone wire cut, it will obviously unable to send signal.

Nowadays, we have the extra choice of home monitoring system. Most of our monitoring devices in our homes are operated through wireless connection like the internet. Furthermore, some devices are improvised – some monitoring alarms and sensors are in a form of a tag or chip which are less noticeable to burglars as they are very small but can work as much as how those bigger ones do.

To learn more about home monitoring using these modern devices, you can check out an article posted at The Official Smart Home Blog. The article features a monitoring device that is in a form of a tiny tag but has a lot of valuable features.

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Home Security Improvement Tips — Landscaping Techniques

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Most people understand the need for a security alarm did you know that there are other measures you can do to add to the safety of your home? Surprisingly, adding some landscaping to your lawn can play a major role in making your home to become a hard target for burglars.

Obviously, a home that has a clear view from the street into the accesses of the home is a lot more likely to be broken in to. Unlike to those that have a lot of bushes and trees to hide behind as they make criminals think twice. There are plenty of things you can do to your lawn which can add to your overall home security.

Do you want to learn some landscaping techniques that can help you improve your home security? Find out more from this video below: